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Maintaining Appearances

Maintaining Appearances uses some of the same infrastructure (one of the cameras, 3d model, site) as Open House but approaches things a bit differently. I was served a summons for allowing the grass to grow too high; the Homeowners Association was concerned that the unkempt lawn might affect property values. I began to think about how our system is set up to maintain the illusion of normalcy in the service of protecting "value". It seems perverse to me, that under threat of huge fines, for as long as it takes the foreclosure process (years), I am required to maintain something that has done such personal/financial damage. It's sort of like grooming a tumor....


Latest News

SIN exhibition

Maintaining Appearances is currently on exhibition at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami, FL as part of an exhibition titled !SIN!. 7 curators from various Florida art institutions selected one of the Seven Deadly Sins and chose work to fit the theme.



click image to see pics from the show


Maintaining Appearances was included in the Greed category juried by Silvia Karman Cubiñá, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Bass Museum of Art. Other jurors where -- Lust: Brian Dursum, Executive Director & Curator, Lowe Art Museum; Envy:  Jeremy Chestler, Executive Director, Art Center / South Florida; Gluttony: Bonnie Clearwater, Executive Director & Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami; Sloth: Peter Boswell, Assistant Director for Programs/Senior Curator, Miami Art Museum; Wrath: Carol Damian, Professor & Director and Chief Curator, Frost Art Museum; Pride:  Cathy Leff, Director, The Wolfsonian.



12/29/2010 - 17:30