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This project was made possible through the generous support of the University of Florida FEO Program, the Office of Research, the College of Fine Arts, and the School of Art + Art History.

A number of people also provided support through offering advice and contributing their time and expertise. Thank you Daniel Tankersley for your invaluable help with the rapid prototyping. Thank you Josh Cajinarobleto and Steven LeMieux for your work maintaining the site installation. Thank you Natalja Thomen and Lisa Ricci for accomodating us. Thanks you Stephanie and Jean Boluk for your help editing our writing. Thanks are also due to Stephanie and Sydney Stenner for putting up with us all summer.

Lastly, thanks to our beta testers for finding all of those problems: Max Becher, Stephanie Boluk, Josh Cajinarobleto, Adam Grayson, Steven LeMieux, Jacob LeMieux, Chase Smith, Stephanie Stenner, Daniel Tankersley, and Wesley Wilson.