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Open House was included in the exhibition, Tracing Home, as part of Siggraph 2011, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The installation was composed of two projections flanking a central, free-standing door frame. As participants passed through the door frame, sound and recombinant texts were triggered, as was a signal that opened the door to the house in Gainesville. The image projected in Vancouver was composed of live streaming video from Gainesville overlaid with a CG simulation of the site. In this way, viewers in Vancouver could see their effect on the opposite side of the continent, in real time (well, almost real time).


For the first time, we expanded our concept to include live performances. Working with Cristina Molina, we came up with 3 events that we felt powerfully augmented the concept. First, was "The Blue Line." In this action, performers dressed in blue lined up on the walkway in front of the house. If a person walked through the door way in Vancouver, the door would open in Gainesville, allowing a performer to walk through the house. Once they entered the house, they could see who had opened the door via a television with a reverse stream from Vancouver. In a bit of serendipity, it rained in Gainesville that day, but the performers were prepared with umbrellas. This added tension in Vancouver as viewers felt compelled to let the performers in, out of the rain.


The second performance was "Yellow Slip'n Slide." In this event, bathers waited inside the house for Vancouver viewers to open the door. Once the door opened, a single performer would run out of the house and belly-flop onto a large yellow slip'n slide, sliding off the bottom of the screen for those viewing in Canada. As with all the performances, this continued for the duration of an hour.


The third performance was titled, "Red Balloons." Two identically dressed women exchanged balloons through the open doorway when triggered by participants in Vancouver. The performer inside the house inflated balloons while waiting for door events. The performer outside attached balloons she received from inside to the ground in a line perpendicular to the camera.


Below are several of the best images. A larger collection of images from the installation can be found here:


Installation Documentation

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