The Halo Array and The Ark: Powerful installations with a crucial purpose

The Halo Array and Installation 09

Installation 04, also known as the First Sacred Ring, was one of seven gigantic ring worlds left behind by the enigmatic Forerunners. This particular ring was under the control of 343 Guilty Spark until it was destroyed by Sergeant Johnson and John-117.

Just like setting up a new computer, there are certain steps you must take before turning it on. These include uninstalling any unwanted programs from your computer.

The Halo Array

The enigmatic Forerunner construction known as the Halo Array, or simply “Halo” in its terminal transcripts, is actually a network of seven (of the original twelve) massive ring-shaped installations that were designed to destroy the galaxy’s Flood infection using a strategic pulse that kills all organic sentient life within three radii of the galactic center. The network is overseen by an artificial intelligence known as a Monitor, and is capable of being activated remotely from Installation 00—the Lesser Ark or The Ark—outside the galaxy’s orbital pulse radius.

The Halos are inhabited by numerous automated drones called Sentinels, which are used for a multitude of purposes, including the mining and retrieval of raw materials and the containment of the deadly Flood parasite during an outbreak. The Sentinels range in size and purpose from the flitting Constructors to the heavily-armored Enforcers and gigantic Retrievers, which strip-mine resources sites for the rings’ construction. Each ring also supports its own ecosystem of plants and animals. The two best-documented Halos, Installation 04 and 05, each have climates ranging from temperate forests to swamps and even snow-covered tundra.

The Ark

The Ark of the Covenant is one of those things that carries with it an almost mystical status. It is the container that carried the bare essentials to save humanity and the proof of God’s provision along with a prelude to the ultimate Savior.

It was a large box of acacia wood overlaid with gold both inside and out. It had a cover called the mercy seat with golden angel statues spreading their wings above it. The scriptures clearly state that the presence of God dwelt above the mercy seat.

It seems that anyone who was going to come close to the Ark had to be ceremonially clean. It was a place where God spoke directly to His people. The idea of covering or atonement is implied by the cherubim and later symbolized by Christ in Christianity. The Apostle Paul, a former Pharisee was very familiar with this concept and wrote in Romans 3:24-25 that Christ is our covering for sin.

The Power Rooms

Located around the outer edges of the Halo Installation are a series of Power Rooms. These rooms are characterized by their cement and metal architecture. The interior walls feature a series of breakers and computer screens with wires running down them. The rooms are powered by the ring’s energy, which can be seen pulsating up through the core and down the side of the room in a series of windows.

These rooms are responsible for maintaining stability and reliability of the power station’s energy production. They use real-time data from throughout the plant to identify issues and make corrections before they cause serious problems.

They also keep track of supply levels, fuel stocks, refueling processes, and record consumption rates to monitor overall usage and forecast future demand. They are also tasked with monitoring for any fluctuations in electricity frequency or voltage to avoid damage to equipment and ensure service delivery is not disrupted.

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